CES 2024: Arcvideo Showcases Revolutionary Smart Cockpit Products and Solutions!


CES 2024: Arcvideo Showcases Revolutionary Smart Cockpit Products and Solutions!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 once again played host to groundbreaking innovations and technological advancements. At the show, Arcvideo took center stage with our revolutionary smart cockpit products at the @Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) Networking Reception & Demonstration Showcase area.


Over 700 exhibitors from the automotive and transportation technology sectors appeared, including automotive giants like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai/Kia , and Tesla, as well as Tier 1 leaders such as Bosch, Continental, Harman, and Valeo etc..


In the COVESA (Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance) exhibition area, Arcvideo Technology demonstrated solutions leveraging video capabilities (human vision + machine vision). These included multi-screen frame-level synchronized playback, 5D immersive intelligent cockpits, and Sentry Mode, creating an integrated solution for both cockpit entertainment and safety.


Sentry Mode for Automotive Safety

Recognizing that car security is always a concern for customers, Arcvideo showcased the machine vision-based Sentry Mode, which attracted significant interest and curiosity from automobile manufacturers at the show.


"Our video encryption algorithm, proven in the professional broadcast market for decades, ensures secure and reliable video transmission. Our video security protection algorithm processes sensitive information like faces and license plates to protect customers' privacy," stated William Wong, General Manager of Arcvideo Technology. William also mentioned that if a vehicle is moved, scratched, or broken into, the vigilant "Sentinel" receives an alarm and notifies the owner through the app.


In summary, Arcvideo's Sentry Mode employs proprietary video encryption and privacy protection algorithms, ensuring security for both the vehicle owner and those around the vehicle.


5D Immersive Intelligent Cockpit

With a simple touch on the central screen, a live NBA game can quickly expand to the passenger and rear screens. This seamless transition from a small to a large display and from a single to multiple screens is instantly achieved through streaming media.


At CES, technical experts, CTO Jin Huang and GM William Wong from Arcvideo Technology, introduced their multi-screen frame-level synchronized playback product. It offers several advantages across different terminals or screens, enabling synchronized viewing and interaction with AR-HUD or AR glasses.


For those who find the car screen too small, AR HUD offers a great alternative. Watching a movie in the car through AR-HUD is like having a high-definition screen right in front of you. Viewing 3D movies through AR glasses, coupled with Dolby Atmos, provides a more immersive audio-visual experience.


Additionally, Arcvideo launched a 5D immersive intelligent cockpit solution equipped with immersive sound effects, elevating sound to the three-dimensional space of the real world. Combined with ambient lighting synchronized with the frames and sounds, it builds an immersive environment for both the driver and passengers.



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Created on:2024-01-17

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