Intelligent Video Solution Provider

Arcvideo is a high-tech company that provides intelligent video processing solutions and services. With 20+ years of expertise in image and video core technologies, Arcvideo helps to empower industries that rely on video, including broadcaster, TV stations, cable network and telecom operators, OTT companies, content providers, education, as well as emerging industries like in-vehicle entertainment system.


Arcvideo provides end to end solutions across cloud, edge and device, covering professional video transcoding and streaming, intelligent video analytic, AI video enhancement, and media players on mainstream devices.


Our mission is to enable the best immersive experience everywhere.

Enable The Best Immersive Experience Everywhere


Establishment of Core Team





Start from picture editing and panoroma related OEM business for printer


DVD Solution





PC DVD player and authoring software for OEM and Retail MPEG-2 SD Codec


BD Solution





PC BD player and authoring software for OEM and Retail

Camera software for OEM and Retail

MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1 HD Video Codec

Dolby, DTS Audio Codec


Cloud / Embedded Media Solution





Video solution to connect home surveillance camera to phone

AI works on embedded camera


Broadcast Solution





Professional broadcast solutions for OTT customers

Content ingestion, management, transcoding, delivery, Personalization on-premises or off-premises


Edge Computing





Perceptual video compression to save more bandwidth

AI customization for industry customers


IVI Solution





OTT service customization for car manufacturer and Tier 1

Immersive experience customization for cabin and content

Innovative media solution cross multiple screens

privacy protection for car camera