Arcvideo Debuts at Silicon Valley AutoTech Council

How Does Audio-Visual Entertainment 'Onboarding'?

Arcvideo Debuts at Silicon Valley AutoTech Council



Software-defined cars have become a consensus. Meanwhile, audio-visual applications are considered a battleground in the industry.


On December 6th, 2023, at the Infotainment and App Innovation Forum hosted by the Silicon Valley Autotech Council, Arcvideo joined hands with well-known companies such as Honda, Hyundai, Samsung, Bosch, and Nvidia, presenting a showcase of dazzling technological demonstrations. The purpose of this Autotech Council meeting was to discuss the increasing allure of in-car infotainment systems in the buying and usage of vehicles by consumers.



"We leverage our core capabilities in audio and video to bring audio-visual entertainment into the car," said William Wong, head of Arcvideo Technology's overseas business, in his keynote speech. The company once provided streaming media playback and other audio-video services to airline cabins in the 1990s, and now it's integrating these mature technologies and products into the smart cabin domain.



As in-car displays increasingly move towards larger and multiple screens, audio-visual entertainment entering cars is bringing new market opportunities and growth potential. In terms of audio-visual 'onboarding,' A

rcvideo already has a mature 5D immersive smart cabin solution. Additionally, Arcvideo also showcased several solutions, including multi-screen frame-level synchronized playback and customized audio-visual entertainment applications, to help car manufacturers create a 'new entertainment, new office' environment inside the vehicle.



After listening to William Wong's presentation, industry experts on the scene believed that audio-visual entertainment entering cars will promote the implementation of mobile cinema scenarios in vehicles. When we stop the car, the video, sound effects, fragrances, air conditioning, and seats interact with each other, fully engaging our senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and motion, creating an all-around 'atmospheric' space.




Aiming at the needs for more efficient, comfortable, and safe experiences, Arcvideo will seize new opportunities in the intelligent connected vehicle industry with its ecosystem partners. William Wong emphasized that from audio-visual entertainment 'onboarding' to creating a 5D immersive cinema space inside the car, we will continue to explore in-car immersive audio-visual experiences, helping to realize a unique 'third space of mobile life.'









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Created on:2023-12-11

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