Arcvideo Collaborates with Dell to Optimize Video AIGC Toolset

At Dell Technologies' exhibition area, Arcvideo Technology and Dell's OEM team jointly optimized and upgraded the video AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) toolset, which includes AI-powered horizontal-to-vertical video conversion, AI-generated highlights, and AI-enhanced image quality.



These AIGC capabilities are being applied across all aspects of media content creation, from gathering and editing to broadcasting, reshaping the content production model and enhancing both the quality and efficiency of content production.


For instance, in a football match, the AI-generatedhighlights can significantly improve content production efficiency, highlights can be rapidly created by AI, making them more suitable for dissemination on short video platforms.


Through AI techniques like frame inserting and super-resolution, videos with lower FPS and resolutions can be revitalized and enhanced.


To meet the contemporary demand for immersive viewing experiences on mobilephones, such as watching matches or concerts, AI technology is used to lock the camera perspective and convert horizontal footage to vertical format. Arcvideo Technology representatives explained that at the 2023 Sudirman Cup (international badminton game), vertical compositions better highlighted the athletes, focusing viewers more on the athletes' expressions and emotional changes, and provided more tactical perspectives and close-up details.


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Created on:2023-11-28

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