Arcvideo Vehicle Sentry Mode Solution



      The in-vehicle sentry mode first appeared in 2019, enabling the vehicle owner to check vehicle safety remotely when in park. It notifies the owner when collision, bumps, or any abnormal situations are detected, and provides the following features.

    1. Proactive protection: The sentry mode monitors the environment around the vehicle and the state of the vehicle in real time through using an AI-based algorithm combined with sensors, and informs the owner of the abnormal situation through the app.

    2. Evidence for accountability: Once an abnormality is detected, the owner can rely on the triggered video recording to provide evidence for subsequent safety.

More and more new energy vehicles are equipped with sentry mode support.The sentry mode solution provided by Arcvideo is designed to deliver an integrated solution with AI-based object detection, threat identification,warning triggering, privacy protection, and video transmission to terminal presentation to meet users’ security needs.


🔗Arcvideo Vehicle Sentry Mode Solution

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Created on:2023-09-12

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