Arcvideo 8K UHD Coding Solution

      8K is the UHD technology that we can see most clearly by now. Its resolution is 16 times HD. 8K is an overall improvement in quantification, frame rate, and color gamut. Video streaming in 8K resolution involves video capture, production, coding, transmission, and display on devices. This January, China Central Radio and Television Station launched the CCTV-8K UHD channel and started the “Hundreds of Cities with Thousands of Screens” project by using Arcvideo 8K UHD Coding Solution based on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor and Intel® Server System. Videos are compressed into 120 Mbit/s bitrate, significantly reducing the transmission bandwidth.


🔗Arcvideo 8K UHD Coding Solution

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Created on:2023-09-12

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