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TV station multimedia integration transcoding solution

For all media and full integration

A high-quality transcoding platform for all news and production networks providing efficient processes for content production.

With the development of the Internet, traditional news production and media communication forms have experienced profound changes. The traditional television, radio and news services are gradually integrating with the Internet, which has produced a new communications business sector called "full-media". TV stations are currently planning and designing a news content production platform under the full media environment, using the Internet, cloud computing, big data and other advanced technologies to explore and establish "full media integration production" business systems.

System framework map

Application scenarios

  • News network and production network at a TV station using content aggregation and pretreatment
  • Provides a unified, efficient, high-quality transcoding platform for traditional broadcasting systems, downstream new media platforms, and program trading systems

Solution features

  • For news networks and production networks
    • Aggregation and fast program pretreatment for program resources, live program content, UGC uploaded content, Internet content, 3G/4G video, and other multi-format and multi-source content.
    • Transcodes content sources to other formats which can be edited by program production systems and non-linear editing sites.
    • Provides simple processing functions.
  • Publish for full media integration.
    • Supports transcoding programs submitted by news networks and topic production networks.
    • Supports broadcasting of transcoded programs to traditional broadcast system.
    • Supports multi-screen transcoding of the program material according to the downstream demands, and broadcasting to multiple downstream platforms and program trading platforms.
    • Supports file saving to media resource systems.