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Online multi-screen encoding/transcoding solution

Full integration and multi-screen interactive

Adaptive multi-protocol support meets live video needs of set-top boxes, smart TVs, computers, tablets, mobile phones and other terminals.

Due to tri-network integration and bandwidth increases, the media industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. The core of the media is video, and the core technology of video is encoding/transcoding. The ArcVideo online multi-screen encoding/transcoding solution provides high-density, high-quality multi-screen real-time online encoding/transcoding for media operators, enterprise markets and the government.

System framework map

Application scenarios

  • Live playback on Internet TVs, mobile phones, tablets and PCs
  • AVS+ encoding and transcoding on HD channels
  • Transcoding SD programs into HD quality
  • Fixing the shake in videos, such as street snap

Solution features

  • Large throughput easily handles massive data
  • Compatible with all formats, such as AVS+, HEVC
  • Multi-screen output and frame alignment
  • Quality enhancement SD to HD technology (SimHD)
  • Anti-shake
  • Slice recording
  • Audio and video passthrough
  • Device level, signal level, system level, and management level security