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Cloud video processing solution

Cloud transcoding for the next generation

Open, cross-regional, cross-network, and multi-service cloud video processing platform, which provides the core video and audio support to develop a full media format cloud service.

The cloud video processing platform provides a central video and audio support for enterprises to carry out a full media cloud service.

ArcVideo cloud video platform overall application framework

Application scenarios Cloud transcoding of file slices

Large-scale content aggregation and multi-screen distribution for large-scale content production and content operation broadcasters.
Solution features:

  • Offline file transcoding
  • A single program can be distributed as a file slice to multiple servers to do parallel transcoding, to improve the efficiency of single-task transcoding
  • Supports lots of concurrent processing tasks

Application scenarios Cloud transcoding of streaming files

Used in cloud drives or digital TV set-top box platforms to send video on a mainstream video site from a PC screen to a TV screen.
Solution features:

  • Supports large-scale concurrent access requests and dynamic calls
  • Minimum delay treatment to protect the user experience
  • Provides two services, including transcoding and push streaming

Application scenarios Transcoding and recording from stream to file

Large-scale content aggregation for content institutions, collection and analysis for supervisory organizations, and storage of recordings for security monitoring.
Solution features:

  • Collection and recording of large-scale information sources
  • 7×24 hour automatic and fragmental collection

Application scenarios Smart content analysis from files to reports

Used for advertisement monitoring and analysis, intelligent advertisement tagging, and intelligent cataloging service.
Solution features:

  • Large-scale of content analysis workload
  • Intelligent background analysis and analysis reports for foreground business systems