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All terminal support playback solution

A unified developers interface

Customized for full platform integration playback with a cross-platform playback engine and a unified interface to support playback.

With the emergence and popularity of a variety of smart terminals, the current demand for video playback is moving in the direction of multiple terminals and multiple operating systems.

The demands for a playback engine focus on the following aspects:

  • Efficient and stable underlying playback
  • Unified developers interface, easy to integrate
  • Cross-platform support for hardware and software with rapid adaption of new terminals
  • Open architecture for easy upgrades to support new features
  • Reliable security with support for digital content protection
All terminal supported playback diagram
All terminal supported playback diagram

Application scenarios

  • Used to develop a unified user interface to resolve the issue of excessive hardware devices and chip solutions on the currently market, and the difficulty of playback application development.

Solution features

  • Professional full platform playback engine solution
    • Supports mainstream chips and operating systems
    • Supports hardware accelerated decoding/rendering
    • Based on highly efficient and stable playback technology, which has been used in 1000000000 terminals worldwide
  • Perfect and customizable playback experience
    • Supports mainstream formats and streaming media protocols
    • Supports digital content protection
    • Open architecture, good scalability