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Cross-screen and transcoding on-demand solution

All screen sizes supported for seamless screen-to-screen transmission

Solves website video playback issues. Through a terminal adapter, format conversion can be easily achieved so the website video can be transferred from PC screens to TV screens in real-time.

According to the concurrent number of users’ requests, the platform can automatically analyze the capabilities of the transcoding pools and intelligently distribute tasks to the appropriate service unit for real-time transcoding. Meanwhile, the users can play, pause, fast forward or stop playback. Videos can be shared and used with different terminal protocols and formats.

Screen-to-screen convergence business diagram
Screen-to-screen convergence business diagram

Application scenarios

  • Used in digital TV set-top box platforms to send video on mainstream video sites from a PC screen to a TV screen.

Solution features

  • Professional cluster scheduling management system that provides a complete end-to-end solution.
  • Supports task load balancing scheduling, which ensures security and stability.
  • Provides enterprise-class transcoding of GPU+CPU solutions and supports high concurrency.
  • Supports centralized deployment and distributed deployment to facilitate business expansion.