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About us

Concentration and excellence for more than two decades

Arcvideois a global leader of software defined video solution provider.

We focus on professional video scenarios like Broadcasting and OTT industry, and are expanding to video related markets like Education, Government. Video Codec, Cross platform Player, IVA and Cloud videoservices are our core expertise, and are well proven by consumer OEM and enterprise market.

Our key enterprise branding‘Arcvideo’is anend-to-endwhole suite of video solutions, includes live streaming transcoding solutionArcvideo Live, file based transcoding solutionArcvideo Core,full IP-based multi-screen video monitoring solutionArcvideo Monitor, intelligent easy to use video editing systemsArcvideo Editor, public and private video cloud solution Arcloud, and related cross platform player engine and intelligent content recognition engines.

For vertical market like online education, game and reality show broadcasting, etc., our cloud videoservice’Arcloud’ brings broadcasting levelof video services include video transcoding and processing, DRM encryption, CDN distribution, intelligent interaction, cross-platform player engine andend users big data analysis service together, as an one stop SaaS to help our customers to deploy their business in least efforts.